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Synonyms for parturient

carrying a developing fetus within the uterus

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giving birth

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Prophylactic epidural blood patch after unintentional dural puncture for the prevention of postdural puncture headache in parturients.
Tracheal intubation of the awake parturient, using the AWS with lignocaine jelly to anaesthetise the pharynx, was performed smoothly at the first attempt.
German midwife Justine Siegemund, "displays a certain amount of irritation with the uncooperative patient and alludes to parturient women who went to their deaths when they would not allow themselves to he ruled by their midwives.
11) Yet, as I will show, Tennyson uses the figure of the parturient poet uniquely in order to express his anxieties concerning the circulation of his poetry.
The symptoms are very similar to those of parturient paresis (milk fever) usually seen prior to lambing, hypomagnesemia (staggers) and listeriosis.
But just as received history's conviction that all midwives were villains is a distortion of past reality, so too is the idea that an 'original midwifery' without the encumbrance of nursing is a better option for parturient women.
Called Mirdif Mums (MM), this online community brings together mothers and parturient women who have made the eastern suburbs of Mirdif their home.
Potentially parturient roads notwithstanding, Baker Creek Farm is the best place to raise a family in the whole U.
Its chief figure was the midwife, the person in charge not only of the mother's well-being and the child's best outcome, but of the management of the community of women who encircled the parturient woman, and the rituals, both religious and communal, that were necessary to complete the birth process.
She must open the parturient woman's body, release the being within, and close her again after delivery; in circumcising, she defensively 'closes' the vaginal orifice of a premenstrual, unmarried girl.
1,2) Although there are some reports of person-to-person spread, most Q fever infections result from inhalation of infectious aerosol particles from parturient ruminants derived from a wide variety of animals, such as cows, goats, sheep, cats and occasionally dogs, due to the fact that the organism has high concentrations in the placenta of infected animals.
155) The court reasoned that the employer discovered that the position was superfluous while the employee was on maternity leave and that the PDA "does not command that an employer bury its head in the sand and struthiously refrain from implementing business judgments simply because they affect a parturient employee.