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Synonyms for partnership

Synonyms for partnership

Words related to partnership

the members of a business venture created by contract

a cooperative relationship between people or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving some specific goal

a contract between two or more persons who agree to pool talent and money and share profits or losses

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By far, the most frequent question I receive today about tax deferred exchanges is "May the partners or members of a partnership or LLC taxed as a partnership perform a [section]1031 tax deferred exchange if not all of the partners/members want to exchange or if all partners/members want to exchange independent of one another?
In 1996 the partners orally agreed to a new method for dividing partnership income for the years 1996-1998.
2001-43 provide the general framework for the taxation of service providers receiving both vested and nonvested profit interests in a partnership.
Urban school counselors can play critical roles in engaging their school's stakeholders in implementing partnership programs that foster student achievement and resilience.
Born in the 1970s, the partnership movement began with colleges interested in attracting minority and poor students, she says.
The authors, using a qualitative research methodology, describe challenges faced by practitioners when attempting to create and implement a community career partnership.
A partnership is a mutually beneficial collaboration between two parties trying to reach an agreed upon goal.
Few educational partnerships are as close as that of "peas in a pod," but that is the analogy used to describe a collaborative partnership model in which faculty members at Fayetteville State University have been engaged with area public schools.
But the partnership and dominator models not only describe individual relationships, they describe systems of belief and social structures that either nurture and support--or inhibit and undermine--equitable, democratic, nonviolent, and caring relations.
Indeed, these changes could result in taxation of such commonplace transactions as the formation of a nonconsolidated subsidiary or the transfer of appreciated property to a partnership with an unrelated person.
You may be limited to the amount for which the partnership is insured - not nearly enough to cover your costs.
The rules help determine the extent to which a partner is deemed to bear the economic risk of loss for a partnership liability when it holds a partnership interest through a disregarded entity.
The Internal Revenue Code contains only a simple statement about partnership terminations, but a recent case expands on that.
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