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Synonyms for partnership

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Synonyms for partnership

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Words related to partnership

the members of a business venture created by contract

a cooperative relationship between people or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving some specific goal

a contract between two or more persons who agree to pool talent and money and share profits or losses

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Given their training in group work and more specifically in working with teams, school counselors can play a critical role as facilitators of partnership teams.
Partnership Programs for Enhancing Academic Achievement
* Each partnership will include one or more schools and a university.
The biting words came just short of name-calling, remembers Judy Seal, who witnessed this argument as the new facilitators of the Long Beach (Calif.) Education Partnership. "It was one of those moments I realized there are incoming missiles and my job is to take them ...
Subsequently, one member of the research team highlighted the purpose of the interview (i.e., jointly to explore issues facing partnership implementation) as well as how the results from the focus groups would be used to benefit local partnerships.
Not long after Ben returned from vacation, he and Morry decided to dissolve their partnership. Though they remained the closest of friends for the rest of their lives and, in fact, participated on their own in many other successful partnership ventures with new partners, they were not able, at that time, to be effective partners with each other.
By far, the most frequent question I receive today about tax deferred exchanges is "May the partners or members of a partnership or LLC taxed as a partnership perform a [section]1031 tax deferred exchange if not all of the partners/members want to exchange or if all partners/members want to exchange independent of one another?"
In the years that followed, rehabilitation counseling programs developed at a rapid pace, based in part through the ongoing support provided by competitive grant funds available through the Rehabilitation Act Amendments (Title III), and the partnership arrangements established with the public rehabilitation programs in each of the states where these academic programs were initiated (Wright, 1980).
In 1993 Timothy Burke, an attorney and CPA, joined a partnership. In 1996 the partners orally agreed to a new method for dividing partnership income for the years 1996-1998.
2001-43 provide the general framework for the taxation of service providers receiving both vested and nonvested profit interests in a partnership. However, both revenue procedures tend to raise more questions than provide answers.
TEI's Federal Tax Committee assembled one of the finest possible faculties, allowing participants to progress rapidly from an elementary understanding of the partnership rules to the cutting edge of complex current transactional issues.
When Ted Briscoe set out to launch broadcasting solutions company GlobalStreams in June 2000, he was counting heavily on a licensing partnership with Play Industries.
A partnership is a mutually beneficial collaboration between two parties trying to reach an agreed upon goal.
Few educational partnerships are as close as that of "peas in a pod," but that is the analogy used to describe a collaborative partnership model in which faculty members at Fayetteville State University have been engaged with area public schools.
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