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Synonyms for partisan

Synonyms for partisan

Synonyms for partisan

a fervent and even militant proponent of something

a pike with a long tapering double-edged blade with lateral projections


Related Words

devoted to a cause or party

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Defenders of the current partisan system will not be able to overcome those numbers.
People who consume a greater amount of partisan media content are more polarized--even if they view partisan content from both sides.
This article seeks to set an agenda for studying the relationship between partisan polarization and presidents' rhetorical strategies, employing a case study of the 1977-2012 period--an era of rapidly intensifying partisan polarization--to develop and test a novel theory of presidential party rhetoric.
He was a British officer who acted as liaison between the British Army and the Bulgarian communist and antifascist partisans during World War II.
The discussion, run by Salem Hemid, a UAE journalist, addressed the risks posed by the highly partisan trends and ideological fragmentation to the Gulf societies.
Al-Kinani said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / There are a lot of laws that are in the interest of citizens and meet their aspirations, still in the House of Representatives and the reason is that the Presidency of the Council began moving toward the laws that have partisan gains and get away from services' laws.
The reason why Arifi wants the coalition with Gruevski is unclear, expect if she has some personal interest," partisan sources say.
Jewish family detachments in general were not inspired by the partisan command.
In a world that many say is increasingly partisan we make a point of letting new members know right away that this bureau is anything but," says Malkiewich.
5) As a political predisposition often called "a prime mover," partisan attachment powerfully shapes many other political attitudes and beliefs.
Attorney General for approval, commonly known as "preclearance," under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, (1) and all three have generated intense charges that this core civil rights provision has been misused for partisan purposes by a Republican-controlled U.
22-24 event, sponsored by an action arm of the Family Research Council, was chock-full of name-calling, extremism and partisan politics.
This is partisan politics at its worst -- that is, politics in the service of political parties and the mediocrities they mostly put forward as candidates.
The maneuver was typical of McConnell, the Senate Majority Whip, who over a 22-year Senate career has earned a reputation as a shrewd parliamentary tactician and a ruthless partisan warrior.
The article also contends that the CEP is in reality a partisan organization.