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Synonyms for parting

Synonyms for parting

a separation of two or more people

of, done, given, or said on departing

Synonyms for parting

the act of departing politely

a line of scalp that can be seen when sections of hair are combed in opposite directions


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Then in a statement that foreshadows Daniel Boyarin's observation about the multiplicity of views on both sides in the centuries before the parting of the ways, and the comments of Virginia Burrus and Boyarin about the development of the myth of Nicea as a unifying statement of what was always believed, Yoder wrote, "It should, however, not be thought that just one line of development existed in which one view succeeded another.
85-97), citing similarities in the baptismal practices of the Hemerobaptists, the Ebionites, the Elchasaites, and the Mandaeans, notes a great deal of overlapping in Jewish and Christian understanding and practice, and concludes that this delayed the parting of the ways.
SIR - Much saccharine nonsense has been spouted by the self-deluding "Better Together" proponents, comparing the parting of the ways of Scotland and other parts of these islands to the break-up of a marriage.
Lendl, who helped the Scot end Britain's 77-year search for the Wimbledon men's singles title, stressed this week's parting of the ways was amicable.
That means Fulham would have to sack the Dutchman and pay him a year's compensation if there is to be a parting of the ways.
And tat was clearly a factor in a parting of the ways.
The parting of the ways with the Christophe Ferland-trainedthree-year-old, who shared champion honours with CamelotaftertwoGroup1winsunder Frankie Dettori in 2011, came after defeatinthe Pouled'Essaides Poulains.
But with Clarke's arrival as first-team coach in January - one of Dalglish's first acts as manager - Lee has found his role altered in the past few months, and this parting of the ways comes as little surprise - though the timing appears odd, with Liverpool's players due to report back for pre-season training next week.
West Ham, who came close to sacking Grant and replacing him with Martin O'Neill in January, may decide that a parting of the ways is best for everyone given the difficulties of this campaign.
But as their new show struggles with "minuscule" audiences, Britain's best-known married couple are contemplating a professional parting of the ways.
His non-attendance at the civic reception that followed Birmingham's promotion back to the top flight all-but guaranteed a parting of the ways with manager Steve Bruce.
They provide a wide range of views, among them root causes of the Jewish-Christian rift from Jesus to Justin, wisdom Christianity and the parting of the ways, whether Paul was a good Jew, imagines of anti-Semitism in popular culture of the 19th and 20th centuries, metaphysics and the holocaust, and the sense of mission in Judaism and Christianity.
The parting of the ways has been anything but smooth, with Chelsea launching an outspoken attack on the France defender days after the move.
ROB Earnshaw wants an amicable parting of the ways so that he can leave West Bromwich Albion in the transfer window.
The first series of the new Doctor Who reaches a spectacular conclusion in the final three episodes, Boom Town, Bad Wolf and The Parting Of The Ways.