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Synonyms for party



be a party to something


  • get involved in
  • be associated with
  • be a participant in
  • concern yourself with or in

Synonyms for party

a large or important social gathering

a group of people acting together in a shared activity

a group of individuals united in a common cause

one who participates

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

Synonyms for party

an organization to gain political power

have or participate in a party

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Migo said more partiers were getting creative, but he recognized the danger of drug use and unprotected sex, even if he indulged in it.
Agbulos' findings showed some partiers were utilizing the anus in administering the drugs, called "booty bump" where a drug is inserted into the rectum for faster absorption and effect prior to sexual contact.
The Liberty Leaguers, as Rudolph wrote, spoke of it with "worshipful intensity." The John Birch Society--which is enjoying a renaissance of sorts today--says of itself, "From its earliest days the John Birch Society has emphasized the importance of the Constitution for securing our freedom." And as Stephanie Mencimer reported in our May/June issue ("One Nation Under Beck"), study groups dedicated to the Constitution have mushroomed among tea partiers.
One of the questions that was thrown at Hemsworth required him to choose who between 27-year-old Liam Hemsworth and 36-year-old Luke Hemsworth is the better partier. Interestingly, Hemsworth jokingly responded that Cyrus is the best partier among the three.
Wayne Cormier, a 64-year-old Charlton tea partier, looked around and said people need to forget talk about the political designations of left-wing and right-wing.
The Tenth has also caught on with Tea Partiers and others seeking a one-size-fits-all way to snub federal authority.
Federline, 30, who has been called names like boy toy, gold-digger, wannabe rapper, and partier during his association with Spears, revealed that he still cares for her and loves their two sons Preston, 3, and Jayden, 2 very much.
According to initial report, a fight arose between two partiers namely Sana Ullah and Habib Ullah in the area of Ganjiyal north dera theethiya Qaid Abad over cutting of trees in which batons, sticks, bricks and inflammatory weapons were used.
The explain how Black and brown Tea Partiers are hailed as new leaders in an overwhelmingly white conservative movement, and imaging themselves to be inheritors of the civil rights movement--paradoxically conjoining non-whiteness with invocations of white supremacy.
Asolo Repertory Theatre Gala The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota ballroom was transformed into Paris' famous Les Folies Bergere for one evening only, as partiers donned feathers and finery and demonstrated their dance moves.
The supposed confidant went on to claim some of Gomez's friends are "hard-core partiers" and insisted the "13 Reasons Why" producer should be around people who have her best interest at heart.
"I'm not saying that we have a team of partiers, but the county lifestyle can be very much different to that of a club one."
Over the weekend, thousands attended pre-wedding parties at a 16th-century palace in the Indian desert city of Udaipur, where videos shot by partiers showed Hillary Clinton dancing with Shah Rukh Khan, one of India's biggest movie stars, as former U.S.
He said that our doors are not closed for other parties, other partiers could also join our alliance, Sardar Mengal.
Raccoon snores, Beaver fidgets, and partiers keep him awake.