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a focus on something particular

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32) The rule-sensitive particularist acts on his first-order practical reason, but his first-order practical reason takes into account the value of having rules and the consequent disvalue of undermining the rules by flouting them, which occurs if one's flouting the rules leads others to follow suit.
29 would fare better than a particularist account, since repeatability can easily be accounted for if the object posited is one that can have instances, such as a universal.
In most situations there are almost limitless courses of legitimate action, which may partly explain why particularists despair at the lack of certainty and unanimity when people cast about for solutions to moral dilemmas.
It is not that these particularists are not concerned about dialogue.
10) In my terms, he is a holistic particularist, (11) albeit a candid and ham-fisted one.
On this account, particularist approaches to the possibility (or, indeed, the impossibility) of comparative constitutional law are based on a descriptive claim: the asserted fact that constitutions are so unique to their time and place that meaningful comparison is well nigh impossible.
49) Second, in a community of rule-sensitive particularists, each rule-applier will know that other rule-appliers are also rule-sensitive particularists.
Universalists may be defined by their firm commitment to the betterment of all humankind, and particularists more exclusively to their own group.
1) That moral principles are liable to be misused as devices of retrospective rationalization is one of the dangers of principles that moral particularists are fond of pointing out.
Although religious particularists may find much in this pubic morality that is consonant with their faith tradition, it is not clear that this particularity is honored in the final analysis.
In contrast to the particularists, these latter writers will be referred to here as mondialists, a term sometimes hurled at them by their enemies.
This example will illustrate how, now that women's organized resistance against patriarchal oppression is spreading throughout the world, particularists are damaging the cause of women's emancipation by overemphasizing the uniqueness and localism of each and every feminist movement, and opening up great divides among women according to their religion, ethnicity, race, nationality, culture, and geographic location.
I agree with the particularists that Judaism as such cannot make universal claims across cultural boundaries.
But most former left-wing intellectuals are particularists, lending their opposition to a world dominated by McDonald's and Microsoft.
A factor analysis reveals four kinds of motivational dimensions: political (driven by personal ambition) versus apolitical, self-regarding (driven by a cause) versus community regarding, locals (driven by personal relations) versus partisans, and particularists (driven by a cause) versus non-particularists.