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a focus on something particular

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They embraced particularism and faced the taunt of parochialism, and taunted others with it.
Historical particularism encountered one major problem however.
In doing so, it may be possible to establish a threshold where particularism, rather than ethical universalism, becomes the norm.
African Pyramids of Knowledge provides an extensive, powerful critique of "Western particularism as universal.
As a result, presidents have strong incentives to engage in what we call electoral particularism, that is, to disproportionately target the benefits of federal policies to constituencies located within electorally competitive states.
Cultural pluralism could probably become the rhetorical strategy to help to develop exclusive particularism.
Nationalization," Roudometof continues, "is another form of blending universal religion and local, national particularism.
Now, if one adds to all this what I would call Michael's "paganism" in the Lyotardian (1977) sense, and his commitment to pluralism and particularism, declaring Michael a universalist (albeit of a discursive kind) may sound not just odd but even contradictory.
Its core metaethical commitments, argued for in part two, are constructivism and particularism.
I can vaguely recall being a bit miffed the first time I chanced across the word particularism, but then I looked it up and turned the tables on my own ignorance.
In the current climate of tension between the West and the Muslim world this contribution is very well worth reading, however much the particularism of Islamic fundamentalism rejects its thesis.
The authors assert that, in its extreme form, religious particularism -- commitment to the belief that "there is only one true faith" -- can lead to hostilities spurred by uncivil dicta, such as this one from Saudi Arabia: "Be dissociated from the infidels, hate them for their religion always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law.
Some pointed to the recent series of Equatorian regional conferences as a resurgence of kokora -- a term referring to Equatorian particularism.