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While color is not specified for the Inglis costumes, it is interesting to find that Lyndsay's garment is apparently particolored in blue and yellow.
Apart from that, the particolored taffeta and the apparent lack of differentiation between the generic "playcoats," if anything suggests something not unlike the earlier set of red and yellow "daunsing cotis.
25) Although the particolored taffeta sounds familiar, at two ells this is clearly a child's costume rather than an adult's.
Yet overall, the evidence up to this point remains enigmatic: playcoats are relatively frequent; they are often, though not always, specifically associated with performance of something referred to as a "play"; they are usually made of taffeta, and the entries for single costumes suggest they are often particolored.
Let's not tarry long in this room that's full of dead people in particolored frames and some of them look at us as if we owed them a good explanation and the eyes of others so empty that we're ashamed but all of them people who brought us life with toil and pain and hunger and this eternal death.
But then, as the figure detaches itself from the fiery background of the, ti-tree swamp, a "no-man's land" where "everything savage and fearsome" lives, and "all that belonged to Absolute Dark" (3), the children have the impression that the figure, flickering like a flame itself, has been halfway changed into a bird, a strange, particolored creature that launches itself onto the top rail of the fence and remains poised there, preparing for flight.
Readers who find Roman Catholicism no less particolored in practice than Buddhism, negatively presented here, may not be much moved by the poem's resolution.