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wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets

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Since its original start-up as Panval in 1982, Uniboard's Sayabec plant has seen a series of investment and expansion steps leading to today's highly integrated mega site with 2 particleboard lines and 4 high speed short-cycle thermally fused laminate (TFL) presses.
Actual data are obtained from several particleboard manufacturers.
26 news from Arauco that it will invest $30 million to grow the particleboard and TFL capacity at its mill in Bennettsville, SC.
Table of Contents for Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Particleboard (Chipboard) Industry, 2009-2019 cover :
Gregory, the Flakeboard official, said Wednesday there's no reason for Flakeboard to reopen the Springfield particleboard plant.
Because the manufacturing process for Nu Green raw particleboard requires no urea-formaldehyde, it produces emissions that do not exceed normal outdoor levels.
Today, however, the levels of formaldehyde found in the resin used in particleboard have been drastically reduced -- by almost 80 percent.
ISOBORD[TM] is an exciting and competitively priced alternative to the traditional wood particleboard used under an overlay in most furniture and kitchen cabinets.
com/research/0e1cec/global_database_of) has announced the addition of the "Global Database of Producers of Particleboard, MDF and OSB and Plywood Panels" directory to their offering.
INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONS Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1 Disclaimers I-2 Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2 Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3 Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3 Oriented Strand Board I-3 Plywood I-3 Particleboard I-3 Medium Density Fiberboard I-4 Other Non-Structural Panels I-4 II.
Results of this study imply that it is feasible to use bark as a raw material to manufacture medium-density particleboard for the floor underlayment application.
Unlike softwood plywood panels which are not bound by the formaldehyde emission restrictions set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), hardwood plywood (composite or veneer core) panels, curved plywood panels and composite wood panels such as particleboard and MDF, must conform to strict guidelines before the products can be sold and used.
Imports from China are contributing to the temporary shutdown of New Liskeard's Uniboard particleboard manufacturing plant.
will curtail production and lay off about 25 hourly workers at its particleboard plant because of poor prices and weak demand.
Gore choices include particleboard, stave, structural composite lumber, or fire-rated mineral core.