particle physics

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the branch of physics that studies subatomic particles and their interactions

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Her role with CERN, the world's leading laboratory for particle physics, as the first and only Saudi woman to join the organization as a user researcher in 2006 is notable, apart from her service as a CERN courier in 2006 as in this role, she was published in several magazines and journals and participated in several interviews nationally and internationally.
Erlich studies elementary particle physics beyond the Standard Model, and is interested in the relationship between particle physics and other fields such as superconductivity and cosmology.
It made sense for us to come to Warwick to study together and then it seemed natural for us both to specialise in particle physics.
Overall, spending on astronomy and particle physics by 2015 will be half what it was six years ago.
Designed to find and study the Higgs boson, this new particle collider replaces Fermilab as the leading particle physics facility in the world with an energy seven times higher.
Theoreticians had proposed, and experimenters were verifying, the standard model of particle physics, a detailed but incomplete picture of matter and its interactions.
Fermilab has for decades been the nation's center for research on the frontier of particle physics," said Robert J.
degree in theoretical particle physics and the other by a physicist who sometimes works in string theory--that cast string theory in a dramatically unflattering light.
No recent writer, I think, has viewed architecture so broadly, setting it in the context of all human making and living, and even of biology, cosmology, and particle physics.
We might be farther ahead in terms of particle physics, but there are many aspects of electrical engineering in which Latin Americans are the experts.
He was an expert on particle physics at the University of California, Irvine, when he began studying classical music's effect on higher-level thinking after a chance reading of a 1973 paper on brain theory.
Both observations are however consistent with the "Standard Model" of particle physics.
As a result of experience gained on his Paisley science course, third- year BSc Physics student David O'Donnell has been selected to attend the prestigious Particle Physics and Astronomy International Undergraduate Summer School (IUSS).
If particle physics demonstrates locomotion, then Cellular Automata (CA) go under the skin to represent an organism's internal functions: cell reproduction, viral spreading, and so on.
A weeklong international conference opened Thursday in Osaka to discuss the latest findings in particle physics research, including the increased likelihood that neutrinos -- tiny, electrically neutral, subatomic particles -- possess mass.
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