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wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets

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As observed in the moisture analysis, the amount of resin was again the factor with greater influence on the model and the interaction between the resin amount and the temperature was also significant, since the resin improves the structural strength of the particle board.
Lupranat M (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) has been used successfully for many years as a binder for OSB, particle board and medium-thickness fibreboard or wood fibre insulation boards.
The factory is set to product 900,000 cubic meters of particle board every year, added Kiy-yly.
The particle board was formed at the hydraulic pressure and temperature of 2800 psig and 80degC respectively.
The irony is that the clothes are more permanent than the city; graffiti gets buffed out, particle board is removed, trees fall or get cut down, but a cotton jacket can now act as a semipermanent record of something's existence.
4]) to arrange the factor and the level of the testing base on the analysis of the orthogonal experiments for Robiniapseudoacacia/ wastepaper composite particle board.
In this experiment, the non-faced, 5/8-inch, Type 1-M, particle board experienced an initial moisture content of 9 percent and gradually increased to 28 percent at a sampling height of 6 inches.
The acquisition by the German company Kronospan Holding GmbH of part of the raw and coated particle board business of the Austrian firm Constantia Industries AG would risk impeding effective competition in the raw particle board sector substantially.
The coating is also applicable to plywood, particle board, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or any type of wood paneled product.
Plywood, particle board and other manufactured wood products do not require heat-treatment.
When it comes to furniture, solid wood is the best option -- particle board and plywood contain chemicals and glue that can give off fumes.
So-called "substrate forming," in which foam-backed vinyl was thermoformed over wood particle board, was used extensively for auto inner door panels and interior trim.
For instance, in lieu using particle board, which can contribute pollutants into the air from the adhesives used to make it, wheatboard, which is nontoxic, utilizes an agricultural waste product and is safely biodegradable, can be substituted as a substrate for casegoods and built-ins.
9% of the share capital of its particle board subsidiary Forestia AS.
Kitchen cabinetry, typically constructed of unsustainably harvested wood and toxin-emitting particle board and finishes, can be the most environmentally offensive part of any kitchen.