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affording the opportunity for individual participation

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For this second edition , the Government decided to increase the amount entered in the State Budget for the OPP from 3 million to 5 million euros, but also to extend the Participatory Budget to all areas of governance.
Here we report on progress made towards crowdsourcing initiative deployed in the Czech Republic, focusing on participatory budgeting practiced in the city district Prague-Zbraslav.
Researchers share their experience and insight from conducting participatory design in their research and development of health information technology, and present 10 examples with lessons for future designers.
The undertaking will help build the capacity of civil society and organistions in connection to participatory democracy, influence on the local decision-making process, partnerships with local authorities and increased decentralisation.
Results: The participatory research approach with the community helped design the culturally sensitive intervention plan for the trauma stabilization of the affected community.
Public Spending, By the People," a report from the Kettering Foundation, aims to provide a general understanding of how communities implement participatory budgeting, who participates, and what sorts of projects get funded.
Through the investigations of Black researchers who collaborated in participatory research projects in post-Katrina New Orleans, USA the greater Philadelphia-New Jersey-Delaware region in the northeastern USA, and Senegal, West Africa, this book reflects of how shared identity, experiences, and differences shape the nature and process of participatory research.
In agreement with this change of perspective in the management of environmental issues, the process required to achieve a sustainable management of forests entails the implementation of participatory mechanisms to involve the stakeholders (Kangas et al.
In this article, we aim to add to these previous efforts by introducing and describing a participatory ethics model that builds on the original work of Prilleltensky, Rossiter, and Walsh-Bowers (1996).
My intention in this essay is to step back from the immediate issue of union revitalization and argue that union democracy (in the sense of active direct democracy at local levels in combination with highly accountable representative systems at more general levels) (5) has the potential to do much more than revitalize unions--it could serve as a foundation for a participatory society that, once institutionalized, will endure even as particular unions rise and decline in response to technological changes and geographical shifts in economic production and population.
Twitter Tuesday chats can count towards the participatory element of the CPD requirements.
Participatory development is an approach to economic stimulus that would see thousands of smaller projects at the local level that communities identify and control, instead of fewer, large-scale costly projects with higher associated risks.
Contributions to that issue explored new possibilities for community media policy and argued that critical participatory media provided a crucial link between media studies and broader agendas in political theory and democratic debate.
They argue that while participatory democracy does not work in large groups where people do not know one another and cannot meet face to face, it can work in small communities where it is possible for people to know each other personally.
If there are two things that unite the stunningly diverse movements of the last five years, it is their reliance on new digital media and their determination to enact, as well as bring about, more participatory forms of democracy.
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