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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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More than 500 pupils each received a participation certificate, and the event ran smoothly thanks to the voluntary efforts of A-level physical education students, from Llantwit Major Comprehensive, who worked alongside ever-willing teachers and parent helpers at the different disciplines.
Courses are accompanied by books and software and are completed with a participation certificate and a buffet lunch.
There will be a full water safety team available around the course and all amateur participants will be granted a participation certificate.
Winners from both the regional and state levels received a participation certificate signed by the panel of judges.
All the participants who completed the programme received a participation certificate from Zia.
The workshop ended with a ceremony during which the women received a participation certificate.
Master RakinduWickramaratne won a silver medal for his research, Deposition of air pollutants on pollen grains and occurrence of respiration allergies among human while Master Jude Sajith Jitendran was awarded a participation certificate for his research, Modification of Microbial fuel cells via the immobilization of the anaerobe Clostridium butyricum and Escherichia coli- XII blue.
Each of the 10,000 participants in the record-setting effort was registered via SMS, the Internet, or at the event itself, and received a mobile ticket or a participation certificate.
Organisers of the record attempt confirmed that participants will receive an official Guinness World Record participation certificate and enter a draw for a chance to meet some artists who will be performing as part of the Yasalam festival.
the tov program consists of the following components: language and learning ability test, participation certificate path, healthy module integration, orientation to the city, learning and use of language assistants.
All the participants were given an official Terry Fox Foundation participation certificate.
All the participants will receive an official Terry Fox Foundation participation certificate," said George.
Based on the preliminary figures, a dividend of 15 percent of par value (previous year: 15 percent) is expected for Bertelsmann Profit Participation Certificate 2001 (ISIN DE0005229942).
Once the form is submitted, a DSS participation certificate will be issued.
1 million Freddie Mac guaranteed multifamily gold mortgage participation certificate secured by two loans (12%) on five multifamily properties, considered to be 'AAA' in Fitch's analysis.
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