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Male students also more often performed the religious participant role, compared to the females, but only a small number of students endorsed this role (see Table 1).
In the quote above, and in the examples below (Table 2), nominal group via pp is linked to the overall process in the main clause, and it refers to the status of the nominal group inside pp as an indirect participant role.
Just like speakers of natural languages, the agents will be faced with a lot of variation and competing forms for marking a particular participant role.
Below I revisit this issue from a different perspective, in my discussion of both James's and Lucille's use of story logic to create rich, ever-shifting blends between various sorts of participant roles in the worlds their narratives evoke.
TABLE 2 Mean and Standard Deviation by IEP Meeting Participant Role and Survey Item Item Students Parents Admin SPED Teachers M SD M SD M SD M SD 1 3.
To recapitulate, in that usage of the second-person pronoun that entails full agreement between the form of you and its functions, you encodes the participant role of an addressee.
Inforce modules will serve as InfoMentis "content refreshers" for tools and techniques such as Objection Handling, Competitive Strategies, Call Planning and High Yield Questions, while at the same time enabling learners to take the role of an internal coach rather than a participant role.
Bethards (2014) suggested that when using observer and participant roles in simulated experiences, nursing students should be rotated through each role in order to experience each perspective.
We have found it beneficial to reinforce program capabilities and participant roles and responsibilities, and so we are providing as much information as possible upfront to help employees understand the program.
A sampling of topics: the Hawaiian passive/imperative particle; valency sets in Kashmiri; property description as a voice phenomenon; dimensions of defocusing; grammatical relations as constraints on referent identification; participant roles, thematic roles and syntactic relations; information focus in relational clause structure; manipulating argument structure in agent/patient systems; and the regular and the extended comitative reciprocal construction, illustrated from German.
We encourage future research to consider both qualitative and quantitative investigations designed to reassess the extent to which participant roles have been clearly defined, and the extent to which schools and community mental health agencies are successfully implementing their collaborative partnerships.
Computer mediated communication and group journals: expanding the repertoire of participant roles.
Twenty-four different participant roles attended the IEP meetings, which we combined into six role categories (see Table 1).