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7 (e) of RA10071 Prosecution Services Act of 2010, the secretary of justice can designate a prosecutor from any office of the provincial or city prosecutor within the region as acting provincial or city prosecutor to investigate and prosecute a case "in instances where parties question the partiality or bias of a particular city or provincial prosecutor.
Administrative adjudication's partiality problem is a worthy candidate to join these claims for three reasons.
The Supreme Court did not articulate a clear standard for finding "evident partiality" and there have been variations across the Courts as what must be established to find "evident partiality.
The spokesman said that the allegations of losing Reformist Group regarding partiality in elections were false, fabricated and baseless.
Accusing the NDA Government of partiality, Gandhi had earlier said that the opinions of his party are not being heard in Parliament, and that the new government does not encourage any form of discussion over any issue.
The demonstrators waved posters reading "No to US partiality with Israel", the Palestinian Mn news agency reported.
A common weakness that weighs down introductory texts in Christian ethics is the author's tendency to show partiality for a particular way of doing ethics.
Boies adds, "The defendants are further entitled to have the case decided by a judge who does not have the appearance of partiality.
The campaign cash, paired with Lally-Green's teaching relationship with Mack, demonstrated evident partiality in violation of Section 10(a)(2) of the Federal Arbitration Act, Freeman argued.
I though my usual prayer - that the Toon enjoy their game more than the opposition - might show partiality so I amended it to: Father let the team who enjoy it more be successful today.
Findings: The mediator did not conduct a balanced process, did not act in a dignified manner, gave the appearance of partiality, and did not show sensitivity toward the complainant parties; specifically in his comments about the complainant's appearance, her jewelry, and the possible outcome of the case.
Our balanced analytical thinker easily may conclude the uncertainty today, full of cheap opinions, results precisely from the irrational partiality of wilful unbelief.
No partiality, which makes children upset and demotivates them.
This decision shows clear and loud partiality to Syria as it demonstrates direct involvement supporting Syrian regime," he said.
The greeting given to the Israeli prime minister by the American Congress, where he was applauded more than 25 times, made us feel the complete partiality of Congress towards the Israeli prime minister who compromised all the foundations of a just peace in the region," Abdelrahim said in a statement.
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