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one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context

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Table 4: Accuracy of part of speech (POS) tagging in police reports
The verbal and non-verbal conjugational paradigms are identical regardless of the part of speech of the predicate, as illustrated in table 3.
What is curious, however, is that the part of speech for a high proportion of these four-character idioms is given in the ABC Dictionary as "F.E.," which is no part of speech at all, but stands for "fixed expression," meaning an idiom with a certain learned air.
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] The eighth part of speech is the interjection, something that is thrown into the middle.
Apart from the traditional parameters, describing the context of a phone and its hierarchic position in the sentence, prediction of Estonian segmental durations requires an addition of certain morphological, syntactic and lexical features such as word form, part of sentence and part of speech. The most distinct regularities were revealed by part-of-speech analysis of the durational model, showing that proper names and nouns were pronounced the longest, whereas the least time was spent on ordinal numerals and pronouns.
Anyone who deplores the trend for corporate language, with its habit of adopting more or less any part of speech as a verb, will think the purists on the side of the angels here.
To determine which words to remove from the potential stop-word list, the first step involved conducting a linguistic analysis of eBay product items using a part of speech (POS) tagger (White, Clapper, Noel, Fortier and Grabolosa, 2007).
To help the students learn, retain, apply and relate words, the instructional approach focused on connecting the printed form of the word with its pronunciation (the hidden sounds, double & silent letters, and homophones), with its part of speech, singular or plural form, synonym or antonym, English & Arabic meanings, usage, component parts, previously-encountered words and others while presenting the new vocabulary items in each lesson.
Don't think I'm picking only on pseudo-verbs--the practice applies to any word and any part of speech. Language evolves, and that's a good thing.
Pairing a suite of wildly gorgeous color photographs of the California coast with a series of somber black-and-white shots of a winter landscape in Siberia--where Brodsky spent eighteen months in a labor camp before being exiled in 1972--the show also included a selection of Almond's painted aluminum signs, the centerpiece of which featured lines from Brodsky's "A Part of Speech" (1975-76), in which the writer contemplates the homeland he left behind.
Sometimes each sense has its own part of speech (suggesting they should perhaps be separate entries), but usually there is one part of speech for all senses.
The part of speech of each word was then named and discussed.