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a word that names a part of a larger whole


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* A generated cut list that contains part name, material, quantity, panel dimensions, edge banding, and label info, and much more.
The Part Data Folder contains detailed information about the component's attributes, the manufacturer's part name, catalog pages of performance data, and VRML models of the part.
Once you place the part on your drawing, simply edit the part name and reference to input your cable identifier and pair color.
Where available, I used the equivalent factory part name and its corresponding number for this article but there are a few parts unique to the Model 167 for which the official factory name is unknown.
Nissan Parts Online showcases genuine Nissan parts, accessories, and merchandise in an online catalogue, which can be easily searched by vehicle name and part name. Car owners can then purchase these items and have it delivered to their homes for free within 24 hours in Metro Manila (conditions may apply).
There's the conventional textual approach: Users simply enter all or a portion of a part name or number, using wildcard characters if necessary.
Bourne said the central planner starts out by sending the part name and the locations of the various databases that describe the cell's manufacturing domain: machine description, tool library, gripper library, and so forth.
Traditions says they can't read their copy very well and cannot give me the part name or number of the broken part.
* Assembly section gives access to detailed component/footprint/device information from a IPC-2581, file including reference designators, part names, part numbers, descriptions, footprint/device pins, side, assembly method (through-hole or SMT), whether to populate, etc.
Those communists in and outside parliament who subscribe to communism under various part names and leaders also acknowledge Pushpalal as the founder of their movement if not their party.
The inquiry into abuse at children's homes has also been given the names or part names of around 100 alleged offenders, who are all subject to further investigation at this time, including 24 who are believed to have died.