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analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to (a sentence)

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Parsing is the analysis of an input sentence into its constituents, resulting in a parse tree showing their syntactic relation to each other, which may also contain semantic and other information.
An obvious first reaction to this proposal is that computing the complete and covering set of all parses for the action grammar could be a very computationally expensive process.
"When the user opens this drive in Windows Explorer, or any other application that parses the icon of the shortcut, the malicious binary will execute code of the attacker's choice on the victim system.
The schema compiler is a tool used by developers on their workstations, which parses the schemas into a set of data structures and C structure definitions to be incorporated into the parser.
While Dalton's New Yorker piece parses the "highbrow general interest" category of art appreciation, the "trade publication" and "private opinion" registers are represented by Artforum and the artist herself, respectively.
Los dos parses juntos tienen una capacidad instalada de unos 4.2 millonas de unidades, y los dos mercados consumen no mas de 1.8 millonas.
With painstaking (and sometimes painful) attention to detail, Butler parses the words of one UN document after another, revealing how UNSCOM's authority was gradually whittled away.
But despite the existence of promising learning algorithms, no one has yet been able to extract even somewhat accurate syntactic parses from raw text databases.
The frequency and timing of consistency restoration is a policy decision: in Ensemble, incremental lexing, parsing, and semantic analysis are performed when requested by the user, which is usually quite frequently but not after every keystroke.(5) Between incremental parses, the user can perform an unlimited number of mixed textual and structural edits, in any order, at any point in the program.(6) The performance of the tools, including the incremental parser, is not adversely affected by the location of the edit sites--changes to the beginning, middle, or end of the program are integrated equally quickly.
The 2015 recipient of the AAAI Classic Paper Award is Eugene Charniak, who was honored for his paper, Statistical Parsing with a Context-Free Grammar and Word Statistics, and its significant contributions to sentence parsing and language models based on probabilities of possible alternative parses. In addition, honorable mention was presented to Roberto J.
Inka Essenhigh parses anatomies as interlocking machines, invoking Duchamp's drawing in the Large Glass.
Normally, when yacc parses an input stream the parse tree is not retained.