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a computer program that divides code up into functional components

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If a person is using (or intends to use) Google's Big Data services (especially BigQuery) to process his data or large log files, Log Parser Lizard GUI can help him to manage and run queries.
Antes de explicar o funcionamento do Donatus na quarta secao, damos uma amostra, na terceira, de como construir um parser para uma gramatica e de como aplica-lo na analise de expressoes linguisticas, utilizando o NLTK a partir da shell de Python.
Certain errors in the initial tree are corrected by a newly developed rule-based parser.
Written in platform-independent C++ for easy integration, consistency and efficiency, Verific's SystemVerilog Parser supports the entire SystemVerilog 3.
Once I had installed the parser, the next step was to test it and the code for calling the files and sending them to the parser with a set of functional XML and XSL files.
Later when an application calls for an XML document, the parser is activated, reads the XML document, and screens it on behalf of the application.
XML Schema files are written in XML, thereby allowing XML parser developers to reuse the same parsing code to process schema definitions.
Both are aimed at allowing data used to drive document composition processes to be transformed and outputted in XML, with the Data Parser product providing non-invasive parsing of flat-file data streams while XML Generator creates XML output using an XML document object model tree approach.
We advocate a fresh approach to creating LR parser generators which ensures understandability and correctness at every step, and leads to extremely efficient parsers:
Microstar makes SGML and XML tools like Near & Far Designer and the Aelfred XML parser.
In such cases, it is necessary for the parser (or the understanding system in which the parser is embedded) to choose the correct one among the possible parses.
Verific's Netlist Only Parser used with Elastix Product Line
Once a user enters the desired search queries, Search Engines Parser automatically extracts data such as title, description, full URL, root URL, and raw domain in real time.
Tabula has added Verific Design Automation's SystemVerilog parser as front-end support to variant 2.
In this paper we present the learning curves of a statistical dependency parser for four languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Italian and Slovene.