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analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to (a sentence)

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[8] has developed a parser system for parsing Arabic sentences, however, some sentences have not been parsed properly due to the reason that some of these sentences couldn't match the proper production rule.
Example#2: sensory parsing: Ones visual field might be parsed into, say, a chair and a person, which are specific kinds of entity, and moreover, foreground objects are parsed (selected) against background space: in some sense this is like highlighting the foreground against an unlighted background.
Usually parsed text contains punctuation marks indicating sentence boundaries.
Dialog shows UML Models that are parsed from XMI file.
With this relaxed definition often a query can be parsed in a multitude of ways.
The most important idea for the future work seems to be the following: encode the information about the intraclausal coordination and clause structure as additional features of the words to enable a parser to combine this information with other knowledge about the parsed text more smoothly.
Ibrahim Al-Tahir, for his part, parsed increasing ties with Tehran after the Islamic Revolution adding that his country is interested to enjoy Iran`s rich experiences and knowledge in various spheres including agriculture and construction.
The Japanese and English grammars were learnt automatically from manually parsed sentences in the JENAAD corpus and are formulated as Definite Clause Grammar rules.
Other sections of the biennial were parsed out by genre and region.
Bush's tortured and poorly parsed statement conveyed exactly the same meaning that Richard Nixon packed in one elegantly arrogant phrase: "When the president does it, then that means it's not illegal."
The appeals court held that although the inmate's allegations were not "neatly parsed" and included a great deal of irrelevant detail, the complaint named the defendants and contained three clearly enumerated claims and a prayer for relief.
With Version 6, the company says, documents can be parsed automatically by the system, and key components segregated for review.
When the Massachusetts legislature first tried (and failed) to approve an amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage, Gomes parsed the issue this way: "It is not about polygamy.
First, the researchers zapped a zircon with a laser and chemically parsed the vapor to estimate when the mineral crystallized.