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analyze syntactically by assigning a constituent structure to (a sentence)

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Zirkel (2010: id) discusses patterns of prefix combination in English using the complexity-based ordering (Hay 2002), whereby affixes should be ordered according to their parsability (more external more parsable and vice versa), and therefore she indicates as more predictable the following order: more parsable prefix + less parsable prefix + base.
Lemma 4 Let D be a uniquely parsable dictionary (i.
Lacking parsable narrative sequences, the style perfectly parallels the feelings of isolation that a clutch of gays might have felt at the time in a straight world or that anglophones might have felt within a culture that was becoming insistently francophone.
Un-owned self-life" is key to Brakhage's aspirations for his imagery, particularly in his work since about 1972: no image should be parsable in the way that land can be divided up as "real estate.
Polling data reveal the range of people's views on a huge variety of issues, all parsable by age, income, region, gender, etc.
0 features enhanced support for advanced XML constructs like internal subsets, parsable external entities, the DOM, OASIS catalogs, and UTF- 16 (Unicode) encoding.