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Synonyms for eardrum

the membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound

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Deep retraction pockets, with or without squamous debris, were treated by placing a tympanostomy tube in the pars tensa, in a location removed from the lesion (figure).
The patient underwent a revision ossiculoplasty and received a titanium TORP; a long-term ventilation tube was also inserted into the pars tensa.
The photo shows the malleus (minus the head, which had been amputated), the chorda tympani supporting the pars tensa, and the transposed incus on the head of the stapes.
The edges of the torn pars tensa can be seen folded under the medial surface of the tympanic membrane perforation.
This otoscopic view of a left ear demonstrates an elliptical perforation immediately posterior to the malleus and hemorrhage involving the anterior portion of the pars tensa.
The entire pars tensa is intact, but there is an adhesion of the tympanic membrane to the incus.
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