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gaudy tropical fishes with parrotlike beaks formed by fusion of teeth

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Parrotfishes were caught by hook-and-line fishing (33%) and by spearfishing (40%), and lower landings were reported in recent years.
Scuba spearfishing around Guam was associated not only with a decline in the size of parrotfishes caught but also with a shift from a dominance of large parrotfishes to a mixed assemblage with increasing proportions of surgeonfishes.
Parrotfishes (Scaridae) of the eastern Pacific, with a generic rearrangement of the Scarinae.
The taxonomic status of the controversial genera and species of parrotfishes with a descriptive list (family Scaridae).
Here, parrotfishes are again the most abundant taxon by both NISP and MNI.
The three most abundant taxa by both NISP and MNI are: parrotfishes, wrasses, and emperors.
Gillnets are used to catch bar jacks, porgies, ballyhoos, grunts, parrotfishes, and various snappers, whereas trammel nets catch spiny lobsters, grunts, parrotfishes, and boxfishes.
In particular, schooling parrotfishes and surgeonfishes strongly deflect the trajectory of algal succession, whereas territorial damselfishes merely slow the successional rate.
The dominant grazers in this system were parrotfishes (Scaridae, Scarus), mostly juveniles [approximately equal to]5-10 cm in total length (TL), and surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae, especially Acanthurus and Zebrasoma), mostly adults [approximately equal to]15-25 cm TL.
Goatfishes 0 0 Scaridae Parrotfishes 28 7 Scaridae cf.
The reserve allowed the number of parrotfishes to increase and because parrotfish eat seaweeds, the corals could grow freely without being swamped by weeds.
This sort of evidence may help persuade governments to reduce the fishing of key herbivores like parrotfishes and help reefs cope with the inevitable threats posed by climate change," he added.
Damselfish V Pomacentrus partitus Bicolor damselfish V Pomacentrus planifrons Threespot damselfish T Sphyraenidae Sphyraena barracuda Great barracuda V, L Tr, Sn Labridae Labridae Wrasses V Bodianus rufus Spanish hogfish V Clepticus parrae Creole wrasse V Halichoeres garnoti Yellowhead wrasse V Thalassoma bifasciatum Bluehead wrasse V Scaridae Scaridae Parrotfishes V Scarus sp.
Parrotfishes seem to affect corals survival both negatively through direct biting, and positively by controlling algal growth.
A functional analysis of grazing in parrotfishes (Family Scaridae): The Ecological Implications.