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Synonyms for paroxysm

Synonyms for paroxysm

a condition of anguished struggle and disorder

a violent, excruciating seizure of pain

Synonyms for paroxysm

a sudden uncontrollable attack

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Then, in another paroxysm of shuddering horror, he tightened his grasp on my hand and arm, and, groaning and lamenting, still clung to me with that wild, desperate earnestness so harrowing to my soul, because I know I cannot help him.
Of course, the wretched sufferer's temper was not improved by this calamity - in fact, I suspect it was well nigh insupportable, though his kind nurse did not complain; but she said she had been obliged at last to give her son in charge to Esther Hargrave, as her presence was so constantly required in the sick-room that she could not possibly attend to him herself; and though the child had begged to be allowed to continue with her there, and to help her to nurse his papa, and though she had no doubt he would have been very good and quiet, she could not think of subjecting his young and tender feelings to the sight of so much suffering, or of allowing him to witness his father's impatience, or hear the dreadful language he was wont to use in his paroxysms of pain or irritation.
The attendant tells me that his screams whilst in the paroxysm were really appalling.
There may be a clue after all, if we can find why today his paroxysms came on at high noon and at sunset.
Within the niche Lady Arabella cowered in a paroxysm of fear.
It was not in Dorothea's nature, for longer than the duration of a paroxysm, to sit in the narrow cell of her calamity, in the besotted misery of a consciousness that only sees another's lot as an accident of its own.
Da Souza would have called out, but a paroxysm of fear had seized him.
A whiff of the smoke from frying bacon would start him off for a half-hour's paroxysm, and he kept carefully to windward when Daylight was cooking.
But these paroxysms seldom occurred, and in them my big-hearted shipmate vented the bile which more calm-tempered individuals get rid of by a continual pettishness at trivial annoyances.
Then there was a change of scene; for no sooner had he caught sight of Raoul's face, than the old man sprang up and set off in the direction of the house, amidst interrupted growlings, which appeared to be paroxysms of wild delight.
As a general rule, old General Ivolgin's paroxysms ended in smoke.
He shows decided bacchanalian predilections at one time, and at another is tearful and sensitive, but at any moment he is liable to paroxysms of such rage that I assure you, prince, I am quite alarmed.
Her paroxysms of exhilaration, followed by a gnawing sense of failure and uselessness, were known to her mother only as "wildness" and "low spirits," to be combated by needlework as a sedative, or beef tea as a stimulant.
Typically, a patient with canalolithiasis will experience a paroxysm of vertigo which is induced by head-tilt and resolves rapidly.
PAROXYSM A Any Buddhist saying B Meaning the opposite C Sudden violent action who am I?