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In all 4 patients who had hydrosalpinx (n=3) and parovarian cyst (n=1), a salpingectomy and cyst excision was performed respectively.
14 Table 2: Findings in preoperative ultrasound done in patients of suspected adnexal torsion Ultrasonography imaging findings n=14 Hemorrhagic cyst 8 Complex adnexal mass 4 Dermoid cyst 2 Table 3: Time interval between onset of symptoms and definitive surgery Time interval (days) n= 13 (fetal adnexal torsion excluded) 0-7 2 8-15 5 16-30 2 >30 days 4 Table 4: Intraoperative findings Intraoperative finding n=14 Adnexal congestion and edema 6 Complex ovarian tumor 1 Dermoid 2 Omental adhesions and tuboovarian mass 4 Parovarian cyst 1