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Neither shall we dwell upon the changes of climate and productions, as the voyagers swept down from north to south, across several degrees of latitude; arriving at the regions of oaks and sycamores; of mulberry and basswood trees; of paroquets and wild turkeys.
The orange and citron groves, and all the rich enameled luxuriance of torrid luxuries, now began to wear a sombre aspect, while the chattering Paroquet ceased to imitate man, and disturb the sweets of solitude, with prating garrulity, had retired to her roost on the sturdy logwood.
If it were not for the fact that some spoonbills still survived south of the border," he pointed out, "the species surely would have followed the passenger pigeon and the Carolina paroquet into the void of extinction.
I was stared at, hooted at, grinned at, chattered at, by monkeys, by paroquets, by cockatoos.
Passing numerous clumps of Rica Rica, a lemony herb used in tea,and pale green Brea bushes whose sticks were originally used for making roofs in the area, we spotted a group of green mountain paroquets resting on a rocky ledge.