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someone released on probation or on parole

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Patrick, who accepted the resignation of the executive director of the Parole Board and five Parole Board members in the wake of that shooting incident that left both the parolee and a police officer dead.
The release comes with several conditions and if even one of them is broken the parolee will have to return to prison immediately.
The state began reducing its prison population by 6,500 inmates Monday as part of a new cost-saving effort that also includes removing supervision for more than 7,700 parolees in Los Angeles County alone.
Parole revocation that results in re-incarceration or other restrictions on a parolee's liberty is designed to punish the parolee for the new violation--not the underlying conviction, despite the fact that it is the conviction offense that establishes the authority of parole administrators to revoke parole and re-incarcerate.
Keywords: prison reentry, reentry, parolee adjustment, recidivism, family
The parolee - who was not charged and is identified only by the initials "KS" in court documents - subsequently told an FBI agent that Gygi had promised him a home, a car and the ex-husband's online business in exchange for his cooperation in the scheme.
appropriate solution to the heterodox parolee problem must balance the
Define a minimum quantity of face-to-face supervision based on parolee risk level and the incurred cost of traditional contact with the probation officer.
39) Voluntary participation, while it does not require a completely optional choice for the parolee, is when the individual perceives the process as less coercive.
This includes nursing home placement if the parolee needs nursing care, said Brian Fairchild, a spokesman for the Corrections Department.
Valdez, a fugitive parolee, had been sought for a month by Utah Adult Probation and Parole agents for possession of a firearm by a restricted person.
59) Furthermore, while some employers may consider hiring a parolee to move bricks, it is less likely that a paroled drug offender would be seriously considered for a position in a trendy Lower East Side coffee shop.
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) offers Implementation and Outcome Evaluation of the Intensive Aftercare Program: Final Report, which presents the findings from a 5-year multisite analysis of the OJJDP program, the goal of which is to reduce recidivism among high-risk parolees.
With the building material donated by various sponsors, the house in its entirety was constructed by parolees and probationers from the Bapong village under the Lordship of Bapong-ba-Mogale Tribal Authority.