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a maid in a private home whose duties are to care for the parlor and the table and to answer the door

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Although they weren't hugely rich, shipping money in the background enabled them to employ a gardener, cook, parlourmaid and a succession of nurse/nannies, among whom were Bella, Hilda, May and Norma.
Bella's daughter, the beautiful blue-eyed Wirri, might also pass as white, but station owner Neil Warren, for whom she works as a parlourmaid, offers a word of caution:
Colonel Jesse Pilcher, 62, and his wife Elizabeth, and their daughter Ethel, 31, lived there and were looked after by a cook, a parlourmaid and a housemaid, who all lived there too.
Chloe, whose first experience of peeling off was in the swashbuckling Napoleonic War series Sharpe, plays the randy parlourmaid lover of Dr William Palmer.
In 1891, for instance, Charlotte Alexander noted that 24-year-old parlourmaid Mary Harvey "had gone astray.
It was hoped that preparing the penitents for more specialist service jobs, such as parlourmaid or cook, would help, by increasing their earning power and status, to preserve them from temptation, but the sisters were able to gain no evidence that this was actually the case.
Upstairs Downstairs was created in 1971 by actress friends Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins, who both feature in this version - Jean reprises the role of parlourmaid Rose, returning to 165 Eaton Place as housekeeper to the new owners, while Dame Eileen is one of the 'upstairs' characters.
A couple of classified advertisements placed in The Argus in the early 1890s reveal that she operated some kind of employment or placement agency for parlourmaids and housemaids.
Their aim was to enter the house, chase the parlourmaids or the dairymaids around the parlour, sup some ale and leave
There is a hint of a lost world of manners in some 1930s images including a posh couple dining in a Lyons Corner House in 1934 from Wolfgang Suschitzky and Bill Brandt's studies of 1930s parlourmaids serving dinner and preparing a bath.