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Synonyms for parlour

Synonyms for parlour

reception room in an inn or club where visitors can be received


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a room in a private house or establishment where people can sit and talk and relax

References in classic literature ?
The cook and the parlour-maid addressed themselves to comforting and healing the scullery-maid.
He warmed the teapot--almost too deftly--rejected the Orange Pekoe that the parlour-maid had provided, poured in five spoonfuls of a superior blend, filled up with really boiling water, and now called to the ladies to be quick or they would lose the aroma.
About an hour or so after dinner time, Young Barnacle appeared, attended by his eye-glass; in honour of whose family connections, Mr Meagles had cashiered the pretty parlour-maids for the day, and had placed on duty in their stead two dingy men.
With the help of former parlour-maid Rose Buck, they launch a new whole new era for the sumptuous home at the heart of Upstairs Downstairs.
Jean Marsh does, however, return as former parlour-maid Rose Buck, who is charged with finding new staff, Eileen Atkins, who didn't appear in the original series, joins the cast as Maud, the formidable mother of Sir Hallam.
Although they were not immensely rich by merchant standards, shipping money in the background enabled them to employ a gardener, cook, parlour-maid and a succession of nurse/nannies, among whom were Bella, Hilda, May and Norma.