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a game suitable for playing in a parlor

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Getting showered and dressed became a parlour game of contortions, gasps and small cries of pain.
PARLOUR GAME: Graffiti points to Cherrygirls premises
THIS show is just one big puerile parlour game. Those taking part - headed by a not-so-controversial Rory McGrath - might be enjoying - it.
The parlour game inspired the gallery's new exhibition.
Jeremy Gompertz, QC for his widow Janice, attacked the MoD's strategy as being like ``a parlour game for journalists''.
Now we know an unlucky 13 Scottish MPs are going to lose their seats, we can expect a particularly bloody version of the parliamentary parlour game.
This telly version of a parlour game entertains when the story- tellers are on form as they weave weird fibs to prevent the opposition from correctly guessing a word's meaning.
This isn't a theoretical debate or a parlour game but a question of making our roads safer and cutting an avoidable death toll.
Just for the fun of it Googling a runner Tiddliwinks 7.50 Wolverhampton Tiddlywinks was invented by Joseph Assheton Fincher in 1888 and became a popular Victorian parlour game. The main components are a squidger (shooter) and wink (a small disc shot by the squidger into a pot).
Indeed, today Chelsea could clinch the title for a second successive season and we all get to play the popular parlour game Spot The Lenny Pidgeley.
I am reminded of this parlour game by news that the M62 at Bradford is to have the UK's first car-share lane.
1980 Belmont Bay and Parlour Game, who won consecutive races at the July meeting, clash in the mile handicap on the July course and Belmont Bay, trained by Ian Walker and the mount of Steve Eccles, comes out on top.
The multitude of types of card and the frequent renewals means that one can either collect them and devise a new parlour game or, because of the personal information held on the cards even after the expiry date, destroy them - as advised by the issuers.
'It's a fun, slightly smutty, incurably childish parlour game,' laughs presenter Alexander Armstrong.
Manila: Vice Mayor Francisco Damagoso, known more popularly as Isko Moreno, was released by authorities around dawn Sunday, hours after he and several city officials were arrested by police for playing, bingo, a parlour game, in public.