parlour car

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a passenger car for day travel

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Meals are included for sleeper-class passengers, as well as exclusive use of the Parlour Car.
The bump in a funeral parlour car park in Elgin left angry Audrey - reputed to be worth pounds 60million - with a pounds 500 repair bill.
The sights are best viewed from the comfort of roomy armchairs overlooking giant domed windows in the genteel Pacific Parlour Car.
We climbed through sheer gorges and over cascading torrents in a painless way, however - aboard a vintage parlour car of the White Pass And Yukon, the narrow-gauge railway born of the gold rush.
The PTV will have right of branding in eight railcars run between Lahore-Rawalpindi, Tez Gam (Karachi Cantt and Rawalpindi and platforms of Lahore and Karachi railway stations) according to the agreement while the PTV will provide airtime for PR publicity, documentaries and advertisement besides the provision of LEDs for parlour cars and platforms.
Typical of the train that operated in the 1950's, this Hornby Golden Arrow Train Set contains BR West Country locomotive 'Boscastle', two Pullman 1st class parlour cars and one Pullman brake car.