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a game suitable for playing in a parlor

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power grid to the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" parlor game. Overall, Siegfried reveals the remarkable flexibility of game theory.
a crossword puzzle, a parlor game. Now there's a new parlor game.
It's one thing when "If you could bring one thing out of a burning house, what would it be?" is a fun parlor game. (Hint: the fire.) But when you're living your own worst-case-scenario handbook, it's a kick in the gut.
So Lowe started producing and distributing his new parlor game. Then a Catholic priest from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania approached him for help with his financially ailing parish.
Rebus picture puzzles reached the height of popularity as a parlor game in the 19th century, and they reflect the moral teachings of that time.
It is something of a national parlor game to debate the exact moment when the United States "lost its innocence" as a nation, when we had to finally grant that perhaps we were not immune from the fallen state we ascribe to every other country on Earth.
His comparison refashions Jonson's moving and allied poems on the deaths of his children into a distasteful parlor game, a version of Sophie's choice, if you will.
If you have ever been exposed to the currently faddish parlor game "Scruples," it has probably been brought home to you how tough some everyday ethical questions can be.
The Wake Forest roundelay was less a debate than a ninety-minute Sunday night version of a thirty-minute Sunday morning Meet the Press parlor game -with the added detraction that the candidates rather than the networks established the format and picked the interrogators.
One answer is to "hide it in plain sight," as in the old parlor game. That's what San Francisco architect Howard Backen did in the living room of this house.
Pic assembles six perfectly slaughterable twentysomethings in a creaky old mansion and has them play the parlor game of the title, in which they must anonymously submit their answer to a single provocative question.
Far from indulging in a parlor game, most people are attempting to sort out the complexities of their lives and to come to grips with their own characters; to understand why what happened happened, and why what could have happened didn't.
Hunting for someone's legacy is more a parlor game than an exercise in history, which is why Republicans and Democrats both claim the legacy of Kennedy and the Roosevelts.
Trivial Pursuit is only a parlor game, but this misinformation is anything but trivial.
- I leave you to this parlor game with the assurance that you'll have more fun with your own imaginings about the art world than in an art-world movie as squalid as Ready to Wear.