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a passenger car for day travel

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The parlor car features rich interior detailing including armchairs, tables complete with flower vases and a small tea set.
The museum's Pullman parlor car was built for the Missouri Pacific Railroad and was donated in 1982 to the then-Kirkpatrick Center, now Science Museum Oklahoma.
Much of the increase has to do with the addition of the parlor car; which features a dance floor and a flat-screen television.
For Valentine's Day, about 100 people rode the train and had dinner in the parlor car. Brown said they plan to do the same thing for St.
Later we explored the train, happy to return to the comfortable, swivel armchairs in the parlor car. There we met a number of soon-to-be Queen of the West passengers booked on similar rail/sail packages.
We settled into the train's parlor car in time for a complimentary wine-tasting.
July 15: The Bo-Bo's Gyros and Ice Cream Parlor Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show, 280 Hawthorn Village Commons, Vernon Hills.
Tours are available at the museum's 1929 Pullman parlor car, which is not always open to the public.
Seating in a more plushly appointed parlor car is available for an extra charge.
Boosted in part by the considerable press attention that solemn journey garnered, business poured in as railroads leased more and more of Pullman's dining cars, sleeping cars, parlor cars, reclining cars, and hotel room cars.
Parlor cars and other equipment, often gender-segregated, contained comfortable furnishings, polished woodwork, and either state-of-the-art gas lamps or, occasionally, electric lights.
You ride in a real museum of narrow-gauge equipment, including 1890s parlor cars (there's no food or beverage service).