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Synonyms for parlor

reception room in an inn or club where visitors can be received


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a room in a private house or establishment where people can sit and talk and relax

References in classic literature ?
"For massy's sake, Rebecca," called Miss Miranda up the stairs, "did you think we'd better open the parlor?"
Aunt Jane helped clear the table and put away the food, while Miranda entertained in the parlor; but Rebecca and the infant Burches washed the dishes and held high carnival in the kitchen, doing only trifling damage--breaking a cup and plate that had been cracked before, emptying a silver spoon with some dishwater out of the back door (an act never permitted at the brick house), and putting coffee grounds in the sink.
"Janet told me I could have the use of the parlor when any young men called!
Now and then, however, when Violet and Peony happened to raise their voices, the words were as audible as if they had been spoken in the very parlor where the mother sat.
So this kind lady went to the door, intending to invite the little runaway into her comfortable parlor; for, now that the sunshine was withdrawn, the atmosphere, out of doors, was already growing very cold.
Down-stairs in Miss Polly's room next the sun parlor, Miss Polly herself was hurrying into dressing gown and slippers, her face white and frightened.
Somebody is on the roof of the sun parlor. He must have climbed up the rose-trellis or somewhere, and of course he can get right into the house through the east window in the attic.
When I got down stairs in the morning the parlor was shut up, and the watchers was gone.
Towards the middle of the day the undertaker come with his man, and they set the coffin in the middle of the room on a couple of chairs, and then set all our chairs in rows, and borrowed more from the neighbors till the hall and the parlor and the dining-room was full.
At this instant, on the threshold of the parlor, emerging from within, appeared Clifford himself!
And, in accordance with his words, he began to laugh, still pointing his finger at the object, invisible to Hepzibah, within the parlor. She was seized with a sudden intuition of some horrible thing.
I pushed past the big servant; in two steps I was at the end of the passage; in one more I was in the back parlor.
She looked apprehensively toward the folding-doors that shut us off from the front parlor.
When Rowena had at last done all her duty by the people in the parlor, she went upstairs to satisfy the longings of an overflow meeting there, for the parlor was not big enough to hold all the comers.
At the hotel they gave us rooms that were alarming, for size, and parlor to match.