parliamentary monarchy

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a monarchy having a parliament

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THE PATH FOR those countries that have been able to successfully transform from personal rule to parliamentary monarchy has always been long and often arduous.
The PJD has never been ambitious in terms of separation of power and a real parliamentary monarchy," a February 20 Movement leader, Zineb Belmkadem said.
New amendments ensure that the kingdom will, in a year's time, be transformed into a parliamentary monarchy with free and fair elections.
"The constitution says the system is a parliamentary monarchy. That statement should be translated in reality by safeguarding an independent judiciary and a real separation of authorities, redressing people's calls for real and comprehensive reform and prepare the country to fend off regional challenges," he added.
"We will continue to press for a parliamentary monarchy, freedom, social justice and dignity," Aouni said.
The pro-government Socialist Union of Popular Forces party's newspaper Liberation urged voters to say "Yes to the Constitution and the construction of a Parliamentary monarchy".
It falls far short of the demands of the protest movement, a mix of Islamists and secular left-wingers who want a parliamentary monarchy where powers of the king and a secretive court elite would be kept in check by elected lawmakers.
February 20 is calling for "a truly democratic constitution and a parliamentary monarchy".
In Jordan, as in Morocco, there is a parliament elected on the basis of modern laws, as well as attempts at reform aimed at attaining constitutional parliamentary monarchy. There are also in these two countries labor unions and political parties, the politics of which are very often at odds with state policies.
Among the slogans raised was the annulment of more than 20 amendments introduced to the 1952 constitution which originally envisaged the establishment of a "hereditary and parliamentary monarchy" in the country.
"People often talk about that possibility, but we live in a parliamentary monarchy and any arrangement to change the succession has to go through Parliament, not just in Britain, but in other parliaments, including Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and others," he said.
In other words, the attitude of the king was crucial if parliamentary monarchy was to work.
Further, if we look at critical points in cultural development - Finland under Russian occupation, or Spain as the restoration of parliamentary monarchy produced a political background sound enough for the final impulse toward modernity - inward looking reference points were essential to ensure the preservation of the culture which was under threat of eradication.
The government of Canada is a Federal Parliamentary Monarchy -- the British Sovereign is the head of state and exercises ultimate political power through the monarch's representative -- the Governor General.
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