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a person who is employed to look after the affairs of businesses that are affected by legislation of the British Parliament

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First, Canada's experience with parliamentary agents is not new.
Fourth, one could certainly make the argument that it is not so much that parliamentary agents are exercising too much power but that the committees to which they report are incapable of using their expertise in a way that serves to improve overall parliamentary and government performance.
The process of submitting the full planning application for the terminal also included the submission of a Harbour Revision Order on Friday, April 28 made on behalf of PD Ports by Rees & Freres, Parliamentary Agents to the London based Department for Transport.
SMOKEFREE Liverpool were meeting parliamentary agents today to tackle opposition to the city's anti-smoking bill.
He analyses the diffusion of voices in the policy-making process, the extensive use of access to information, the rise of "whistle blowers," the collapse of civil-service anonymity, the increasingly aggressive media, with their focus on personalities and mis-steps, and the proliferation of single-purpose special parliamentary agents. He draws out the implications that all this has had in centralizing major policy-making in and around prime ministers and their "courtiers" (political advisers and key civil servants).
It will liaise with parliamentary agents on behalf of all four boroughs.
Robbie Owen, a lawyer with Merseytravel's parliamentary agents Bircham, Dyson and Bell, explained how the formula worked.
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