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a space where an automobile can be parked

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The local authority says parking zone initiatives have been introduced in other parts of the country to tackle the problem, including Edinburgh, Hackney and Solihull.
"As part of the council's engagement process on the plan, a drop-in session was held in March, where the community decided against extending the controlled parking zone to the area.
"Officers are proposing to change the existing 'Limited waiting one hour no return for one hour Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm except for residents parking permit holders' to a '24-hour Residents Parking Zone' (Zone 4 Permit holders only).
Council bosses had previously announced plans to instruct a barrister to challenge recent findings by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal's (TPT) Chief Adjudicator,who made scathing commentsabout thecity centre Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ).
"Almost 3,000 residents and businesses were consulted and of those who returned the questionnaire 81 per cent were against a controlled parking zone."
From February 15, the new payment system will apply for travelers making use of the long term car parking zone, with OMR3 being charged from customers for the first 24 hours, OMR4 for the second day, OMR5 for the third day and OMR6 for the fourth day.
From February 15th, 2016, the new payment system will apply for travelers making use of the long term car parking zone, with RO 3 being charged to customers for the first 24hrs, RO 4 for the second day, RO 5 for the third day and RO 6 for the fourth day.
Karachi -- A man was rounded up after he got into a scuffle with traffic wardens in Karachi's PIDC area for parking his motorcycle in a no parking zone.
We complained, but were told that we 'would have passed Controlled Parking Zone signs on the way into the city centre' alerting us to parking restrictions.
And even though it's surrounded by paid parking, the free parking zone sends a subtle but important message: Downtown Eugene intends to welcome visitors, not milk them for every quarter in their pockets.
He said the proposed residents parking zone would be counter-productive.
In their recent communiqu, the council wants to give each house in their new resident-only parking zone two permits.
Moore said the ordinance establishes a fee of $20 per linear foot for the designation of valet parking zones, a penalty of $100 for violations of the terms of a valet parking operator's permit and a fine of $15 for illegal parking in a valet parking zone during valet operations.