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Low installation cost is achieved due to the 'plug-and-go,' no-adjustment design of the service and parking brake, while lifetime costs are reduced due to the brake's zero maintenance requirement -- the brake discs are dimensioned to last the life of the motor and so eliminate service parts replacement costs, company engineers explained.
Summary: The major factors responsible for the growth of electric parking brake market are stringent government regulations regarding road safety, growing adoption of automated vehicle technology.
For safety, the vehicles are equipped with an audible warning device, flashing light, non-contact obstacle sensor safety bumper, dynamic brake and parking brake. Creform, 800-8398823,
These trucks are equipped with an MGM Type 24 J-series piston parking brake chamber.
The VB braking valves provide for all hydraulic braking circuit needs, including priority accumulator charging, progressive brake pedal and parking brake functions.
As EPB replaces the conventional hydraulic parking brake with a compact electronic system, it reduces the gross weight compared to the traditional mechanical parking brake.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because of problems with a parking brake. These trucks are equipped with an MGM Type 24 J-series piston parking brake chamber.
To reduce maintenance costs and downtime, the trucks sport nearly wear-free brakes and automatic parking brake, while highly sealed components block dust and moisture from critical electronics.
Specifically, take a close look at the TRANS FILTER CLOGGED, TRANS OIL LOW PRESS, and PARKING BRAKE lights.
The FCL brake is a dry disc brake system available with or without parking brake capabilities and either single- or dual- rotor friction surfaces.
The automaker is recalling the vehicle because of a defect with its parking brake. NHTSA has reported that certain models may have left the factory with the parking brake cable not fully seated in the connector, which can result in the cable slipping out of the connector, causing the parking brake to fully engage.
Also included are a 24-volt electrical system, regenerative braking, interlocking mast channel and spring-loaded control handle that applies the parking brake automatically when the handle is released.
Disengage the transfer case and release the parking brake.