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space in which vehicles can be parked

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the act of maneuvering a vehicle into a location where it can be left temporarily

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With over 30 years of experience in dealing with high volume parking management in the commercial and retail parking industry, Parking Management Services of America encourages all restaurants, landlords, property managers, and retail property management companies to contact them if they looking for a cost-effective and efficiently run parking service for any of their large or small scale parking lots.
"Except for handicapped parking, I would like to see all paid parking eliminated," Ceretto said.
The study states that the idea of structured parking in a downtown area creating congestion is a fallacy reporting that upwards of 30% of downtown drivers are trying to find parking, which can be solved by the assurance of an accessible parking garage.
The parking lot surface is pretty rough too, so you can't really play drunken games of skate after the park is closed for the night.
Thus, an employee may exclude from gross income employer reimbursements for qualified parking expenses, but only if he or she actually incurred them.
In South Kingston, URI students, staff, and employees constantly complained about the strained parking conditions on the campus.
* THE IRS GUIDANCE CREATED NEW TERMINOLOGY, offered specific requirements and approved a number of steps in a successful parking exchange.
FRENCH BROAD FOOD COOP TAILGATE MKT Where: Corner Parking Lot at French Broad Food Coop, 90 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville When: Saturdays 8 am-1pm Contact: Jen Lapidus 828-649-9511
2000-37 provides a safe harbor for certain "parking" arrangements, in which an accommodation party acquires and holds title to the replacement property until the taxpayer can arrange the sale of the relinquished property.
Without some planting, the view outside their door would be of asphalt parking lots.
The proposed project will entail the construction of a building on the site of the former Boardwalk Restaurant, reconfiguration of existing parking areas, and the construction of a new parking area on the western end of the Pitch and Putt golf course which will be upgraded and renovated as part of the project.
What does it mean if you back into the parking stall at Kanis bowl?
His company's expense reimbursement arrangement provides that an employee may be reimbursed for all parking expenses incurred at work locations away from the employee's office, whether or not those expenses would be deductible under Sec.
On a busy holiday weekend, as many as 3,000 vehicles a day may enter the narrow six-mile canyon, competing for some 450 parking spaces.