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a commissioner in charge of public parks

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The park board reserves the right to accept or reject any and all applications, waive technicalities and select the individual that best meets the requirements of the office of a park commissioner and the needs of the park district.
Previous elected offices held: Glen Ellyn Park Commissioner, Current District 41 board Vice President
As a Park Commissioner, I would endeavor to implement plans for a facility that incorporates the amenities which are most important to the community as a whole based on polls and other methods of feedback.
As a park commissioner, I intend to investigate and correct this, as well as address accountability concerns regarding key park district personnel.
Also on the ballot are one three-year and one two-year Board of Health posts; and assessor, town clerk, constable, two school committee, park commissioner, commissioner of trust funds and cemetery commissioner posts, all for three years.
We endorse incumbent Mark Elkins, whose tenure on the board dates back to 1995, and former park Commissioner Miguel Fuentez, who is seeking a return to the board.
Three are incumbents: Bill Cooley, a park commissioner for 12 years and currently the board's vice president; and Dave Andrejek and Donna Bisesi, park commissioners for eight years.
Ramsey, three years, park commissioner; and Robert E.
Ricciutti, chairman of the Board of Park Commissioners, accused FSU of having "stabbed the city in the back'' by proceeding with their plans, given that during a recent meeting with city officials, the university didn't make clear demolition work was imminent.
For six months, investment manager and former Great Neck school trustee Michael Zarin lobbied the three elected park commissioners to rename the public Parkwood Sports Complex for Hughes.
Appendices present enabling legislation, a list of National Military Park Commissioners, and a list of superintendents.
What was progressive about the West Chicago Park Commissioners decision to expand the parks' repertoire to include ragtime music?
They gain a greater appreciation of the critical role park commissioners play in good governance, compliance with state law and enhancing the quality of life for those in their communities.
Bruun said in a statement the college held off on any interior renovation of the Landry Arena until March 1, as requested by the Board of Park Commissioners earlier this winter.
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