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betting where winners share the total amount wagered

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In ( parimutuel betting 6 the system commonly used at American tracks 6 all wagers go into a central pool.
(2000) suggest that the UK National Lottery (a parimutuel numbers game) has an optimal current take-out rate of 50 % based on an estimated price elasticity of demand close to -1.
Sacks also noted that parimutuel betting on greyhound racing, which is allowed under a state license through such simulcast facilities as Raynham Park, would become "illegal gaming'' under the proposed law.
Speaker Joe Straus, Republican of San Antonio, entered a statement in the House Journal in 2009 saying he would recuse on "matters related to the expansion of gambling at parimutuel racetracks in Texas" - a business his family was involved in.
(60.) See ROSE & OWENS, supra note 10, at 81 (noting states' use of racetracks, parimutuel betting, and casinos as sources of revenue without raising taxes during the Depression).
The proposal also includes language concerning slot machines at parimutuel facilities and strip-mall Internet cafes that offer games that some say are a form of gambling.
After a year of heated debate, Utah voters reject a ballot initiative that would have opened the door to parimutuel horse-race betting in Utah counties.
Don't back the French raiders in the pool betting arm of the Tote as the French will be pouring their Euros in via the parimutuel.
This guaranteed these racing breeds the right to race on all Texas parimutuel horse racing tracks, according to the Sam Houston Racing Park official.
Last November, The Lodge suspended simulcast parimutuel wagering and laid off 22 employees.
The sequential convex parimutuel mechanism (SCPM) (Agrawal et al.
With the current system (tote or parimutuel) the management add up all the bets, take their cut, of around 25 per cent, then calculate the prizes.
They also include dummy variables indicative of the existence of casinos and parimutuel racetracks.
The starting point for the Sobel and Raines information model was to show that in the absence of any information regarding race outcomes, the expected proportion of public bets made on each runner in a parimutuel market will be 1/n, where n is the number of race entrants.
Therefore, the State has jurisdiction regarding gambling and betting when these exceed the territorial scope of an Autonomous Community or when these have a national scope, and the Autonomous Communities have exclusive jurisdiction regarding gambling and betting when its scope is limited to their territory (excluding charitable sports parimutuel betting, as they do not have jurisdiction on it).