parietomastoid suture

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the suture between the parietal and the temporal bones

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On the 80 skull sides, 11 (13.8%) parietomastoid sutures bifurcated into two branches before they joined to the squamosal sutures.
First, about 14% of the parietomastoid sutures separated into two branches before concatenating squamosal sutures, leading to an uncertainty of confirming the definite SP.
Moreover, it had two advantages: first, the coordinate system could be defined easily during the operation because the scalp covering the zygomatic arch, FPZ, SMC, and the mastoid is thin enough to palpate points A, B, and C; second, this positioning system does not need recognition of the cranial sutures (the lambdoidal, squamosal, and parietomastoid sutures) which should be identified for using the traditional method to locate the IMTS.[sup][9]