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Synonyms for pargeting

plaster used to coat outer walls and line chimneys

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ornamental plasterwork

ornamental plastering


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** Pargeting is often referred to as the decorative relief in the plaster itself.
Cultivated farmland overlooked by quaint timber-framed farmhouses, some with thatched roofs, some with elaborate pargeting (decorative plaster) or flint-worked facades, are divided by ancient hedgerows, patches of ancient woodland and one of the last bastions of ancient grassland in Suffolk.
I found the new rectory across the road, less than half the size, not a tenth of the grandeur and not even displaying a bit of pargeting. I was greeted by the new Rector himself, who kindly volunteered to accompany me.
The central columns of the fortEoee1/4eaos round towers feature refined plaster pargeting above the bronze Portuguese cannon brought from
After all of this, the chimney should be swept clean to make sure that there are no loose sections of pargeting or soot that could drop down and interfere with the fire or boiler.