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a person afflicted with paresis (partial paralysis)

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A wearable device for paretic hand rehabilitation were developed in response to the needs [9].
Patients generally regain strength in affected paretic muscles, though roughly one-third of NA patients still report some form of dysfunction or symptom even six years post initial presentation.
2 Thomsen reported a patient who developed Beau's lines on the fingernails of his non paretic side following generalized exfoliative dermatitis.
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) has been used in the clinic to provide the necessary drive to paretic muscles by directly activating the peripheral nerve, innervating muscles both intramuscularly and transcutaneously [3,10-11].
Motor relearning programme focuses on task specific learning through effective use of feedback and practice and studies have shown that it is effective in enhancing motor function recovery of post stroke paretic limb.
Specific exercises for the patient will be set up in the first week in accordance with the patient's individual needs and the existing capabilities of the paretic arm-hand.
Constraint-induced movement therapy for the upper paretic limb in acute or sub-acute stroke: a systematic review.
Observation and execution of upper-limb movements as a tool for rehabilitation of motor deficits in paretic stroke patients: Protocol of a randomized clinical trial.
AKVy 706,18-22: yadi dravyasan syat pudgalo bharaharah katamah pudgala iti syad vacaniyam ity etavad evoktam syat tatra sutre / parena sa na vibhaktavyah syat / yo sav ayusman iti vistarena yavad ayuhparyanta iti / I prajnaptisatpudgalapratipattyartham hy etat paretic, visesanam ity abhiprayah /.
Bohannon RW, Walsh S (1991) Association of paretic lower extremity muscle strength and standing balance with stair-climbing ability in patients with stroke.
This maneuver allows the best occlusion of paretic vocal cord, not only in terms of reducing disocclusion between the vocal cords, but also in terms of their alignment, especially if the vocal cords are in two levels.
Cycloplegia is related to the paretic effect on ciliary muscle.
Evaluation of effect of ankle-foot orthosis use on strength restoration of paretic dorsiflexors.
The idea of the knee ergometer design is based on the ability of utilizing the non-paretic leg in assisting the FES-induced paretic leg.