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a person afflicted with paresis (partial paralysis)

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Ocular calisthenics procedures can be applied in patients with incomitant strabismus to reduce muscle contracture in the paretic eye.
She adds that the team will return in January next year to begin discussions with the Ministry of Health for the construction of the Paretic Clinic in the country.
Left UL--in initial testing it has a distal predominant paretic motor deficit, ROT vii, spasticity degree II joints elbow + fists ; in final testing--left upper limb (left UL) - distal plegic proximal - intermediate paretic motor deficit, proximal-intermediate motor control recovered, distally absent, spasticity of flexor muscles of elbow (Ashworth = 2), fist and fingers (Ashworth = 4), irreducible flexum of fist and fingers 1-5, ROT vii.
[27] Compensatory strategies may cause step length asymmetry that increases or decreases the step length of either the paretic or non-paretic leg.
Using rhythm and tone as the driving force to engage the paretic upper limb offers the individual an alternative way to modify their motor output.
Kollen, "Predicting improvement in the upper paretic limb after stroke: A longitudinal prospective study," Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, vol.
investigated the effect of transcutaneous triceps stimulation or changes in static proximal joint postures on the abnormal torque patterns in the paretic upper extremity of subjects with hemiparetic stroke [6, 10].
Dual-channel FES can be applied to the dorsiflexors and hamstrings to correct foot drop and knee hyperextension during stance [14, 15] and also be delivered to paretic ankle plantar flexors to dorsiflexors to induce greater swing-phase knee flexion, a larger ankle plantarflexion angle at toe-off, and stronger forward propulsion [8].
Hemiparesis may result in body composition changes, including increases in fat mass and decreases in fat-free mass in the paretic versus the nonaffected leg [32].
Animals that circled toward the paretic side after surgery were used for transplantation [13].
The criteria for recruitment in this experiment were (1) the first onset of stroke, diagnosed with definite lesions on hemisphere by CT or MRI; (2) able to understand experimenter's request; (3) age between 30 and 80 years; (4) no lesions on cerebellum and brainstem; (5) no severe inflammation, pathological injury, and malformation in the paretic arm; (6) no severe visual impairment; and (7) no acute conditions.
An error towards the paretic side of space is recorded as a negative value.
Patients with hemiplegia also often develop abnormal patterns of muscle activity in the paretic limbs in the weeks after stroke with overactivity of muscles primarily affecting flexors and pronator of the upper limb.
Upon presentation, the macaw was approximately 5% to 10% dehydrated, paretic, and lethargic.
The physiotherapy approach is based on how to manipulate the paretic limb which is supported by a physiotherapist.