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Placed in a position where he could study French administration and observe its mechanism, Rabourdin worked in the circle where his thought revolved, which, we may remark parenthetically, is the secret of much human accomplishment; and his labor culminated finally in the invention of a new system for the Civil Service of government.
And I will say, parenthetically, that we probably need these investments more than we need another tax cut.
Parenthetically, the multiparty and party-list systems as enshrined in the 1987 Constitution tend to open an overdose of politics in this country, which is reputed as the national pastime of the Filipino people.
Parenthetically, it is possible that the fish we import from China are the ones which spawned and came from our West Philippine Sea.
Parenthetically, I'll note that those who look too deeply into their crystal balls wind up eating a lot of glass.
Parenthetically, John Alson (author of the book) was the Airborne Instruments Laboratory Group Leader that managed the mission-planning programming effort.
I don't think it is fair to the people of the South-East where he hailed from if his achievement isn't put in proper perspective because this sends a wrong signal that they are either perennially under suspicion or that one general is parenthetically better than the other general, a classic case of 'upper class' and 'second- class citizen'
One narrator notes the difference between his long, parenthetically noted sentences, and the shorter, more direct descriptions common to early science-fiction novels.
Then, parenthetically, might have answered her own question: "[S]adly, with this president, the best and brightest and most morally grounded people did not go work in the White House in the first place."
Parenthetically, this claim and others he made reminded me of two things about stockbrokers.
"Parenthetically, I'm old enough that I was one of the editors on the Watergate story, so I make that comparison with knowledge," he continued.
The description of a 1936 textbook ends with an unnecessary "Go, girl!," and the author adds (albeit parenthetically) "Peter Paul Rubens is known for his paintings of large, mostly naked women" to a college instructor's 1960 comment comparing Barnard students in shorts to "third-rate Rubens" (16, 200).
Parenthetically, the story that is woven in the introduction is an opportunity here seized upon that was conspicuously absent in Cathy Leeney's earlier Seen and Heard: Six New Plays by Irish Women (Leeney's book has an introduction, but it is brief and uninspired).
Parenthetically, I noted that Deets' physical impairments and limitations are made clear, but not overdone.
The number of words in the sought-after titles is given parenthetically. For example, RANK (2) leads to ANNA KARENINA, and SCHULMAN'S FAULT (5) to THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS.