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One narrator notes the difference between his long, parenthetically noted sentences, and the shorter, more direct descriptions common to early science-fiction novels.
Then, parenthetically, might have answered her own question: "[S]adly, with this president, the best and brightest and most morally grounded people did not go work in the White House in the first place.
Parenthetically, Cory Aquino was known to one and all as 'Tita (Auntie) Cory,' and I'm sure sociologists, linguistic authorities and political scientists, if they cared to, would have a picnic breaking down what this distinction means.
Parenthetically, this claim and others he made reminded me of two things about stockbrokers.
Parenthetically, the story that is woven in the introduction is an opportunity here seized upon that was conspicuously absent in Cathy Leeney's earlier Seen and Heard: Six New Plays by Irish Women (Leeney's book has an introduction, but it is brief and uninspired).
Parenthetically, I noted that Deets' physical impairments and limitations are made clear, but not overdone.
The number of words in the sought-after titles is given parenthetically.
Parenthetically, that war began 50 years ago, but the disability claims from Vietnam veterans were the highest ever last year.
And parenthetically, I would challenge any of you to tell me what the borders are of the CBSA you live in.
All references to the poem appear parenthetically in the text and are abbreviated "SUI.
The change, parenthetically, includes the separation of radio and telecoms equipment covered by the current RTTE directive into new radio and telecoms directives: but the wireless provisions of RITE will apply just as stringently under the new Radio Equipment Directive.
The press release explained parenthetically that demand-driven acquisition (DDA) was "also referred to as patron-driven acquisition" (PDA).
The editor asked parenthetically if readers who work in Hematology agreed or disagreed.
Tohias Kaspar's recent exhibition, parenthetically titled 1Many who have a notion of their potential and needs, and who nevertheless in their heads accept the ruling system and thereby consolidate and downright confirm it)," could be seen as an exercise meant to gauge how much interest remains in mimicry as an artistic technique.
And, not so parenthetically, told that they can be taught the video and Web skills valued in today's journalism.