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Synonyms for parenthetic

marked by or given to digression

Synonyms for parenthetic

qualifying or explaining

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Worn out, bill of sale produced, certified to be free, ordinary wench, proved to be the property of, formerly slave to, formerly the property of, all with parenthetic possessors.
It is a question of psychological depth, dramatic confrontation, parenthetic narration melded into the central narrative which must be totally guilty of architctonic grandeur.
This is effected as a recit secondaire by an-other, intradiegetic or parenthetic character-narrator.
Comments in the margins appear throughout the book; most are quotations topical to the discussion, but there are also parenthetic asides by Kirkpatrick.
Parenthetic values are ranges (predicted population and percent difference) and 95% CI (a) (field estimated population).
The conclusion of this thematic elaboration opens in transition to a long parenthetic digression, and emerges reconfigured at the end of it:
Faster speech rate is also employed when the speaker is making a parenthetic remark, or side comment, during the course of the story.
Rather than choosing one or two to list as a parenthetic citation in the text for each new piece of information, those that have been consulted are listed.
Fleming's parenthetic statement in "Lessons of the War" (Perspective) that the War of 1812 was a just war.
This is "underlined," Prudente suggests, "by the use of a parenthetic sentence: 'It partook, she felt, carefully helping Mr.
A similar intersemiotic translation can be seen in the gif animation 'coracaocabeca' [hearthead] (1980): the throbbing interference of the two alternating texts, created by the timed animation, adds an extra reading difficulty to the parenthetic interruptions that require readers to go out from the center trying to link words and phrases.
The parenthetic usage of an adverbial implies that it is pointedly detached from the rest of the sentence by means of a comma.
Doug Moston (New York, Applause, 1995); parenthetic citations of this text refer to through line numbers (TLN).
The common appearance of idealized and parenthetic structures is also noteworthy throughout in Daisy Miller.
The em dash ("--" so called because historically it was the width of a typeset letter "m") should be used to signify an abrupt change or to set apart parenthetic elements.