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Synonyms for parenthetic

marked by or given to digression

Synonyms for parenthetic

qualifying or explaining

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Sen's parenthetic remark would have been be clearer had Sen inserted the following sentence between [c] and [d]: But there are other helpful actions which are not based on sympathy; these actions, unlike those based on sympathy, are not motivated by an expectation that the actor will derive welfare from performing them.
where [T.sub.wb] is the ambient outdoor air wet-bulb temperature and the superscript + denotes that the parenthetic quantity equals zero when it evaluates to a negative value.
131; parenthetic exclamation point in the original).
Parenthetic page references herein are to this book.
Beyond the ironically parenthetic assurance of "authenticity" via the recovered manuscript--itself a well-established parodic conceit--the author cements the texts' connection by flagging up their common ground:
Other translingual features in postcolonial texts include: editorial intrusions such as the footnote, the glossing or parenthetic translation, as well as untranslated words, interlanguage, and syntactic fusion.
(Sandburg; emphasis added) As much as conveying semantic information, these parenthetic or comment clauses have a melodic effect: marked by a lower key and a narrowed pitch range, they generate a midline tonal dip that offsets the wider range and scope of the melodic contours surrounding them.
Modulus of a possible evening, that parenthetic zenith--a wanderer in wintertime--, and the "non-patterned" sun had formed the valley where the Usher mansion lay.
(2) Worn out, bill of sale produced, certified to be free, ordinary wench, proved to be the property of, formerly slave to, formerly the property of, all with parenthetic possessors.
The Unwin comma inserted after "jerkily" ensures that the adverb modifies "brought down"; while replacing the manuscript's dash with a comma transforms "separating his fingers with a effort" into a parenthetic phrase.
It is a question of psychological depth, dramatic confrontation, parenthetic narration melded into the central narrative which must be totally guilty of architctonic grandeur.
This is effected as a recit secondaire by an-other, intradiegetic or parenthetic character-narrator.
Comments in the margins appear throughout the book; most are quotations topical to the discussion, but there are also parenthetic asides by Kirkpatrick.
Parenthetic values are ranges (predicted population and percent difference) and 95% CI (a) (field estimated population).