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Synonyms for parenthesis

Synonyms for parenthesis

either of two punctuation marks (or) used to enclose textual material

a message that departs from the main subject

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Let us consider the parenthesis as example of a dynamic symbol to introduce the motivations of such a project.
The Space is supporting the In Parenthesis Streaming and the Microsite.
Welsh National Opera celebrated its 70th anniversary this year with a world premiere of In Parenthesis, young British composer Iain Bell's adaptation of the epic poem, and a recording of this live performance of David Pountney's period production at Wales Millennium Centre will be shown at the Library on Saturday, July 16.
who is the ) Webster finds two more iconic uses of the parenthesis: the edges of a pond (CP 99) and swooping shapes of birds (CP 448) (119-120, 123).
1-30) gives a survey of earlier research (from various disciplines) on parenthesis in general and in biblical Hebrew in particular.
* Let match(i) be the position in S of the matching parenthesis of S[i].
The team at Parenthesis have plenty of challenges in their working lives.
For someone who over-pronates, the Achilles tendon will run straight down the right leg and then, most times, suddenly curve into an open parenthesis shape at the right heel.
A record 48 features were released in the GTA in 2003 and are listed here in descending order of the number of weeks played (in parenthesis) along with with the director.
To guide pupils in pronouncing a new word correctly, the writers of the book should use phonetic spelling, placed in parenthesis, for selected irregularly spelled words in context.
The previous quarter's score is indicated in parenthesis.
Another manufacturer may offer 60 points and include everything about the brakes in parenthesis and count it as one point," cautions Eric Anderson, ownership database supervisor for IntelliChoice Inc., an automotive information provider based in Campbell, California.
.These two years will have been a useless parenthesis in the history of the conflict."
The writers who came closest to mythologizing their experiences, like David Jones in In Parenthesis, used the quest-romance to structure their stories, as Tolkien did in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.