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administered by means other than through the alimentary tract (as by intramuscular or intravenous injection)

located outside the alimentary tract

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According to new report available with Million Insights, the MEA parenteral nutrition industry report on is foretold to provide a robust support for market players to lay a solid foundation for their business growth.
[USPRwire, Fri Aug 02 2019] Parenteral feeding is direct delivery of different nutrients into the blood flow intravenously.
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 03 2019] With the increasing rise in development of biologic-based drugs, the number of parenteral drugs that are under development or are getting FDA approval is anticipated to increase, thereby being one of the most prominent factor fueling the growth of parenteral drug market.
Most recently, he founded GPC, a pharmaceutical consulting company assisting startups with developing and implementing business and marketing strategies, as well as overseeing key initiatives to improve manufacturing efficiencies within parenteral contract service organizations.
In the present study, using the classical septic model, that is, CLP, we demonstrated that administration of parenteral Vit C per se markedly improved the outcome of sepsis and sepsis-induced MODS of WT and [Gulo.sup.-/-] mice.
The market is segmented into pediatric nutrition, elderly nutrition and parenteral nutrition.
Headquartered in GoiA[cent sign]nia and with nearly 60 years of history, Halex Istar is a domestic manufacturers of large volume parenteral solutions with presence in all Brazilian regions.
Parenteral artesunate, a first-line treatment for severe malaria in several countries, is associated with increased survival and has a better safety profile compared with parenteral quinine or quinidine (1,2).
The Home Total Parenteral Nutrition Service, introduced recently at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), is benefiting families of patients who are not able to obtain proper nutrition orally.
For those patients who cannot safely consume an oral diet and/or who do not have a functional gastrointestinal tract, parenteral nutrition (PN) therapies should be considered as an adjunctive therapy to prevent prolonged starvation.
Historically, oral (PO) preparations of MTX have been used in the USA with some subcutaneous (SC) and other parenteral administration.
The 12 members of FDAs Gastrointestinal Drugs Advisory Committee voted unanimously that the benefits of teduglutide outweighed the risks and reduced the volume of parenteral nutrition and IV fluids needed after 6 months of treatment compared with placebo.