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Synonyms for parental

designating the generation of organisms from which hybrid offspring are produced


relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent


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Joint modeling of parentally reported and physician-confirmed wheeze identifies children with persistent troublesome wheezing.
Charles] gets a little parentally protective." However, that isn't going to stop the two from exploring their feelings for each other.
Closely cropped and as starkly flash-lit as crime-scene documentation, these images simultaneously evoke parentally imposed time-outs and low-rent LA anomie.
On admission, the mean age of patients was 8.36[+ or -]4.5 years, HSDS was -3.13[+ or -]1.31, and parentally adjusted height deficit was -2.25[+ or -]1.73 (Table 1).
There are also reports of social harassments directed towards parentally bereaved children through direct or indirect taunting (Cain & LaFreineire 2015).
However, his presentation was more acute and progressive since he was born of non-consanguineous parentally and there was no family history, acquired cause of similar presentation was looked into.
Ciprofloxacin and Vitamin A injections which were given parentally to all the animals irrespective of grouping in present study supported the ocular therapy.
Therefore, it is possible that some parentally placed children with disabilities will not receive any services while others will." A similar approach is taken for English language learners; district help is available if a private school chooses to enroll the student in the first place.
In Labetalol group, Injection labetalol was administered parentally by repeated intravenous injection.
*** Our employer's parents parentally detached years ago, going absent.
Parentally bereaved children and post-traumatic growth: Insights from an ethnographic study of a UK childhood bereavement service.
Holding parents so they can hold their children: Grief work with surviving spouses to support parentally bereaved children.
Meanwhile, the capacity of the already-rich, the parentally endowed, and the well-situated to accumulate financial wealth has only intensified.
Simple lessons about embracing childhood and recognizing the limitations of those we love underlay this beautifully written and illustrated story about a parentally forbidden late night trek to glimpse the arrival of a circus train, a subsequent mishap, confession, consequences, and inspiring aftermath.
The prevalence of CMA/CMPI in young children: The validity of parentally perceived reactions in a population-based study.