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Synonyms for rejection

Synonyms for rejection

a negative response


a refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge

a turning down of a request

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To investigate the degree of perceived parental rejection among convicts.
Although a meditation model implies causation, it cannot be known for sure whether participants showed higher levels of perceived parental rejection because they had low perceived resilience or if they had low perceived resilience because they felt rejected by their parents.
The present research was designed: (1) to examine differences in perceived parental attitude and dependency in children's personality disposition and (2) to see the relationship between perceived parental rejection and dependency in children's personality disposition.
Similarly, when both parental rejection variables were entered into the equation, only father rejection remained a significant predictor of young adult depressive symptoms.
2010) concluded that, for boys, the model that included insecure attachment (ambivalent), parental rejection (from mother and father), and instruction permeated by anxiety (mother and father), were among the better predictors of externalizing disorders while insecure attachment (ambivalent and avoidant), parental rejection (from both mother and father) and paternal overprotection are predictors of internalizing problems.
Prior work has shown that exposure to early childhood parental rejection, as measured by frequency and severity of parental violence, predicted RS and attachment issues in adulthood (see Feldman & Downey, 1994).
As Rohner and Roll (1980) had concluded that parental rejection plays an important role in the development of aggressive behavior in young children and adolescents.
Conversely, the other end of the continuum is marked by parental rejection, which is reflected by significant withdrawal of feelings of love, support, affection, and by the presence of a variety of physically, and psychologically hurtful behaviors and affects (Wagner, 2008).
Vulnerability to depression as a function of parental rejection and control.
The concept of chronic sorrow offers afresh perspective for understanding the negative emotional impact of parental rejection on children.
This apparent paradox involving within- and between-culture effects could be explained through a framework that models aggressive behavior at a culture-wide level and parental rejection at an individual level.
From his part, Dr Mohammad Dabbas, a consultant psychiatrist, says that sometimes matters of the heart and parental rejection of a particular relation or commitment to someone could result in great depression.
He explained during a telephone interview that painful stories of parental rejection, embarrassment, and even outright ostracism of a gay or lesbian family members affected his decision.