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Synonyms for rejection

Synonyms for rejection

a negative response


a refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge

a turning down of a request

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Key words: Perceived parental rejection, defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, children, single parents.
absence of parental rejection) and there exist no differences in perception of children towards parental attitude on gender basis.
Similarly, when both parental rejection variables were entered into the equation, only father rejection remained a significant predictor of young adult depressive symptoms.
Table 2 shows that maternal attachment and parental rejection predict aggression [F (2.156) = 5.50, p [less than or equal to] .01].
Parental aggression; the conditions where parents are perceived to be angry, bitter, resentful, intended to hurt, physically or verbally (15 items), Parental Neglect; the conditions where individuals see their parents as unconcerned or uninterested (15 items) and Undifferentiated parental Rejection; the conditions where individuals perceive their parents rejecting, but where the expression of rejection is not clearly unaffectionate, aggressive or neglecting (10 items).
In parental rejection, children's anger also appears to originate with the loss of the rejecting parent(s) as a source of direction and support.
This apparent paradox involving within- and between-culture effects could be explained through a framework that models aggressive behavior at a culture-wide level and parental rejection at an individual level.
He explained during a telephone interview that painful stories of parental rejection, embarrassment, and even outright ostracism of a gay or lesbian family members affected his decision.
The following variables were tested for their unique contribution to depression scores: perceived quality of peer relationships, perceived parental rearing behavior (both parental nurturance and parental rejection), self-esteem, body image, pubertal status, SES, conduct problems, and attention regulation problems.
Aggressive behavior in adolescents may be fueled in part by the depression associated with perceived parental rejection, said William W Hale III, Ph.D., of Utrecht (the Netherlands) University and his colleagues.
Parental rejection isn't something the likeable Kutcher has suffered too much in his own life.
Parental rejection isn't something the likeable Ashton has suffered: "I usually do pretty good off the bat, that first impression thing.
Compelling empirical evidence across an array of measurement modalities supports PAR Theory's prediction that perceived parental rejection in childhood has consistent negative effects on psychological adjustment and behavioral functioning of children and adults worldwide.
BOSS: Being fired can recall a memory of parental rejection. Imagining yourself as boss may be a desire for a dominant role in a sexual relationship.